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Tips for size determination

Determine wristband size


Variant 1: Measurement 

Place the measuring tape directly over the wrist bone.

Add 2 cm to the measured value. 



The measurement in the left picture is 16.2cm. If you add the 2cm,

that's how you get 18.2 cm. A tape with 20cm length would be therefore

the perfect choice. 


Variant 2: Estimate 

If a measurement is not possible, e.g. because the bracelet is to be a gift, the following values serve as clues: 


Suitable for:

up to 21 cm

narrow wrists

22,8 cm

average wrists

24 cm

strong wrists



 wristband clasps

 Our bracelets are available with different closure variants. 


Description of the


Knot closure

Both ends of the bracelet are tied together to form a knot.

uncomplicated and fast adjustment

Metal clasp (e.g. carabiner, belt buckle, butterfly)

With the help of the product videos you can see exactly how the respective closures work. 

numerous individual selection options 

firm and reliable locking 


Hole closure

Watch the product videos to see exactly how each cap works. 

numerous individual choices 

fixed and reliable locking system 

hole closure 

The end of the bracelet is adjusted to the desired length by means of a metal element with cut-outs.

Easy closure with a variety of length settings 

magnetic fastener

Magnetic fastener 

Magnets close the bracelet, some length changes are also possible.

quick and safe locking possibility in everyday life, especially in combination with rotary or plug-in connections 



Determine ring size


Determine the correct ring size without ring? 

We have a simple method. All you need is a pen, a strip of paper and a ruler. 

First cut an 8 - 10 cm long and maximum 1 cm wide strip from a sheet of paper. 



1. Wrap the strip lengthwise around your ring finger. Make sure that the strip is not too loose. 

2. Mark the end of the overlap with a straight line. 

3. Measure the marked line. The result in millimetres corresponds to your ring size. 



A distance of 5.4 cm corresponds to ring size 54. Perform control measurements to compensate for measurement fluctuations. Repeat the steps 1 to 3 times and then determine the mean value of your measurements. 



Determine ring size correctly

The finger is thinner in the morning than in the evening. 

Finger thickness varies throughout the day and at changing temperatures. 

So make the measurement promptly before ordering and - if possible - carry it out several times at different times of the day. 

This will give you a feeling for the middle finger circumference, which is crucial for a pleasant wearing comfort of the ring. 



Where is the finger measured? 

Fingers have different thicknesses on the left and right hand.

Before the first measurement, determine on which finger and on which hand the ring should be worn.